WP Heat Map Tycoon

WP Heat Map Tycoon

WP Heat Map Tycoon the plugin of the year is now ready and Live at a crazy enormous discount With  Free Bonus worth more money  … 

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If you think about it, thousands and counting are now already utilizing over priced solutions like CrazyEgg and ClickTale charging customers thousands for every year with LIMITATIONS.

We give you amazing instant access to the same exact features at a massive discount price such as…

- Heat maps by clicks.

- Mouse-Tracking.

- Scrolling.

- Great Analytics.

- Self- Hosted with no limits giving you the freedom you deserve.

- For a one-time, discounted whole lifetime investment .



Now you have the power in your hands, and you can now ethically see every and all moves your visitors make now on your site. View how they interact and engage with your website at all times.

 Take advantage of this limited-time discount of 85% off normal price. Giving you no limitations, no restrictions and no rules.

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 To your success,

 WP Heat Map Tycoon discount

No more expensive CrazyEgg and ClickTale services No more expensive CrazyEgg and ClickTale services No more expensive CrazyEgg and ClickTale services

I know you heard all about Heat Map and Visitor Recording services such as CrazyEgg and ClickTale and there crazy high fees.

But the service is wonderful and so awesome to have, right?

Then tell me what is the reason, why most marketers are not using them to view and track their visitors to gain valuable insights and research?

Why not utilize the amazing data when you can gain and improve Sales & customers?

The answer is simple expensive monthly pricing!

From a couple of hundreds, even thousands per month and more for a year to get access to these services. The worst part is even after spending all that money there are data session limitations and restrictions for you what nonsense is that!

The smart marketers have been utilizing other alternatives with THE SAME features as the other ones but with a one-time, very low lifetime payment:

WP Heat Map Tycoon

WP Heat Map Tycoon

WP Heat Map Tycoon is powerful and amazing. With fantastic features but without the HIGH monthly expense. A marketing research tool that is must to have!

Including the ability to track

- Heat maps by clicks

- Mouse-Tracking

- Scrolling

- Great Analytics

- Self- Hosted with no limits giving you the freedom you deserve.

- For a one time, very low lifetime investment

The greatest part of all is that for a limited time only it can be yours for a one-time, massive special discount price.

Go now to watch the demo so you can see for yourself how powerful this software of the year is…and how much you can actually gain and learn. By simply viewing how your REAL visitors interact and engage with your website.

WP Heat Map Tycoon Visitors



More sales without increasing your traffic

I’m sure you keep hearing the professional marketers and gurus discussing how you must get a lot of traffic to your websites to make any money online?

Why not target and track on the current traffic and visitors you already have going to your site?

The amount of traffic does not have any meaning if you’re not making any sells. You must be getting conversions from your traffic and visitors and turn them into buyers to make that traffic count for your business!

See now how you can double, triple even quadruple your buyers and leads by using your current traffic and not having to spend more money on traffic.

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Sounds too good to be true right? But it is not I will show you how! The well-kept secret is that you can now ethically watch and spy on your visitors. Watch every single move your visitors make on your site. Watch how they engage and interact with your website, sales pages, blog, content, squeeze pages, banners, etc…

WP Heat Map Tycoon makes it all possible and allows YOU to do all these awesome things.

The fantastic sidekick to Google Analytics, it solves the huge gap of increasing your sales by being capable of viewing how your visitors interact with your site.

You can see how through heat maps, mouse movement maps, scroll maps, to have insight into exact facts of how your visitors engage with your website.

The fact is there are thousands of ways marketing consultants, business owners, marketers, developers, web designers, can all benefit and use this crucial data and market research including….

- Find potential vulnerabilities

- Conduct before and after case research



- While A/ B / C split testing

- New nav redesign


View the live demo now and see how this powerful software can HELP you…

WP heat map tycoon live demo Do not guess on what you think is working on your site. Stop tweaking your site and guessing to help increase your buyers and leads. That’s a waste of valuable time. Start utilizing the facts and true data from your daily visitors that this software gives you on a golden platter. It will help boost conversions to your business.

WP Heat Map Tycoon : One of a kind tool to have

The fact is that there is a proven method to skyrocket your sales conversions. Create a huge list fast and easy. Drive more targeted visitors to your website to take action on your call to action. Or you can track and tweak your site to increase your sales without increasing your traffic.

Now Will you take this huge opportunity or let it passed by?
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The creators have finally made the decision to unleash this fascinating extremely powerful tool that will help you skyrocket your sales conversions. I haven’t seen anything as powerful or like it ever.

You can spy on your visitors like a detective. This powerful easy to use software allows you to see every single mouse move, clicks with heat maps, and all actions your website visitors make on your site.

WP heat Map tycoon Tool

You can read your visitor’s minds. Learn why your visitors left your page or stay and bought. See what your visitors are interested in, or put off by, you can then tweak and add your links and banners to increase your sales.

It’s the most fantastic software and true brilliance I have ever seen on this planet. I wish I had created it.

You can utilize this software for any website or niche market, without limitations.

The creators of WP Heat Map Tycoon has spent years finding new ways to track, test, and make more sales on their sites. WP Heat Map is the most vital tools for success and the SOLUTION.

The more conversions, higher leads, sign ups, and sales you get. The faster your business grows and the more successful you will be. It is that easy.

There is no better more effective efficient way of tracking than WP Heat Map Tycoon.

It is like spying over your visitors shoulder when they are on your website. I guarantee this is powerful

Go See it for yourself :  HERE 

WP Heat Map Tycoon blog-review


Use WP Heat Map Tycoon to Grow Your Profits


Utilizing WP Heat Map Tycoon will give you data to increase profits without any extra work on your part. If you want to reach your income goals, you need this software.

The people who do not will be left behind and will have a huge disadvantage. If you want to reach your sales goal and increase leads and sales, use this weapon and take over.

Many marketers use this software for numerous reasons and in many ways. The fact is even if you have a great product sales do not just flood in. You need all the tools in your toolbox in order to really have true success.

WP Heat Map Tycoon helps you optimize your traffic. This software helps you gain insights by using true data to know what content is working and performing.

You can find out where users interact and why. Why user stops and leave your page. You can research and get this valuable data without hard work and market testing that takes so much time without this software.

You are able to view what your visitor is doing on your website at all times. The software allows you to view visitor’s behavior and how they engage with your website. Heat maps show you what’s hot on your site and what is not. It allows you to track mouse clicks.

WP Heat Map Tycoon helps you analyze the clicking interaction of each of your visitors and where they are looking and most interested in your page.This software makes it possible to look into the eyes of your guest on your website and how they navigate.

It helps you quickly identify which links are working on your page and what is being overlooked. Helps you see what images on your page are working and what colors. It gives you info on where most prominent place on your website.

Where you should place your images and links for better conversions.

This training and software are not only going to teach you what you need to know, but give you the info and data to have the most success. WP Heat Map Tycoon is more than just a weapon; it provides you with the research tool that helps you gain valuable vital data.

The software and training are absolutely incredible. You do not want to miss out on what Sophia and Tony have in store for you. Go now and access this incredible software You will be blown away

I have a surprise secret goodie for you

WP Heat Map Tycoon is a serious weapon for increasing sales and leads. The software allows you to spy ethically on each of your visitors while on your website giving you a huge advantage. Inside the membership, you have powerful content and tools to help you succeed.WP Heat Map Tycoon was created for you to use and become more successful.It helps you build a huge following and gain more leads and sales without having to increase traffic or marketing cost.

The software is vital and crucial. It helps you conduct market research on every single visitor. 

I know you want more success and more profits everyone does, right?

The power of this software is unlike anything I have seen online especially for the one-time low payment. The membership also is so powerful giving you expert training from Sophia and Tony M. They are very helpful, and the content they put out is top quality. They truly care and have proven tactics that work, and they show you how to do it in a simple way. How they teach is so interactive and so entertaining.

I love their style of teaching because they are both so engaging.

I promise you this software and training is so powerful and incredible you do not want to miss out.

I truly recommend this mind blowing software and training.
Go nowhere and see on your own


Have you seen how POWERFUL and EASY it is to Spy on your visitors with WP Heat Map Tycoon?
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Increase your sales and leads without increasing your traffic budget with WP Heat Map Tycoon?


WP heat map tycoon bonus

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WP heat Map Tycoon Click     WP Plugin : this WordPress plugin simply monitors any backlinks ( text and even banner links ) and can even alert you of  backlinks changes.
WP heat Map Tycoon Click     WP plugin : using this WordPress  plugin boost your commissions up eight time,by secretly hiding your affiliate links from your visitors.
    Guide about methods and techniques that anyone can use to generate a flood of traffic to their websiteWP heat Map Tycoon Click
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  WP heat Map Tycoon Click Guide how to find what you can do to generate a full-time income working for your self from home.
WP heat Map Tycoon Click    how to Improper List Building Strategy Results in a Low Quality, Unproductive Subscriber List! Effective Email List Building for Product and/or Service MARKETING  is Much, Much More Than Just Gathering a Huge List of Worthless Leads.

3 simple steps to claim this bonuses
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After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at:   contact@wpheatmaptycoon.esy.es

You will receive all the bonuses within 24 hours

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